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WikiCitingRetracted (About)[edit | edit source]

WikiCitingRetracted (WC) is an independent platform supported by WikiLetters. WikiCitingRetracted is complementary to a number of other platforms supporting science. It allows journals, scientists, researchers, students and maybe others to store the meta information about articles that have cited a retraction or retracted-article. In other words, the meta about both articles that may have merely cited a retraction or used relevant information such as data, invalid-method and others.

Citing a retraction is becoming more common than you think in the current peer-review system, however, we are missing keeping track of these connections so that WikiCitingRetracted aims to cover this aspect to better support science.

Following the wiki-ecosystem, here you are not required to provide your personal details, and here your submitted connections becomes available online instantaneously so others can have access to all. Furthermore, WL-CitingRetraction gives you the opportunity to append the citation piece, which is most likely to be a "neutral citation" (~ 95% chance). And please remember, the freedom you have here is very much in the core of a wiki-ecosystem.

WikiCitingRetracted (Content contribution)[edit | edit source]

Figure 1: Suggested template to provide your contribution.
Figure 1: Suggested template to provide your contribution.
To contribute to WL-CitingRetracted is fairly simple, and quite similar to creating a Wikipedia article.

A similar written explanation for consideration:

, and a few tutorials for consideration:

You need to initially search for the full title of an article that "cited a retraction" (e.g. TITLE-A) inside WkiCitingRetracted to confirm it's non-existence. The confirmation of non-existence would provide you a result displaying the sentence:

Create the page "TITLE-A" on this wiki!

From this point, you are welcome to click over the title in red to create this new information.

WikiCitingRetracted (Structure)[edit | edit source]

It is suggested a very simple structure that contains the information about an article which cited a retraction. You may click on (Random page) at the left-menu to see a random page as an example. Alternatively, see the example below

Note: Please consider the very basic headings displayed in Figure-1. However, if you are welcome to include additional headings and sub-headings whenever needed.

WikiLetters.org[edit | edit source]

WikiLetters.org is a dynamic-database highlighting and integrating what seems to genuinely support science (directly/indirectly). WikiLetters also supports the advancement of the following services for #BuildingBetterScience:

WL-Letters[edit | edit source]

A database providing Letters of caveats about papers.

WikiComments[edit | edit source]

A database providing peer-reviewed Comments about papers.

WikiCitingRetracted[edit | edit source]

A database displaying articles that cited retractions.

WikiRetracted[edit | edit source]

A database displaying articles retracted from the scientific system.

WikiErratum[edit | edit source]

A database displaying minor corrections about papers in the level of Erratum / Corrigendum / Improper-Citation.

WikiLivingReviews[edit | edit source]

A database to support Living Reviews based upon a Wiki-ecosystem.

WL-Systematic Review SR[edit | edit source]

A dynamic-method for Systematic Reviews.

WikiJournal of Science[edit | edit source]

A scientific journal free and transparent in all levels.

WikiData[edit | edit source]

A system connecting information and data to humans and machines under the wiki-ecosystem.

Scholia[edit | edit source]

A bridge between Wikidata and Science.

WikiCite[edit | edit source]

A system processing citations to strengthen Wikipedia articles.

Wikiversity [edit | edit source]

A bridge between Universities and the Wiki-ecosystem.

Additional relevant databases[edit | edit source]

* RetractionWatch (news about retractions)
* PubPeer (notes)

Comments[edit | edit source]

Here you have the freedom to append new information at any time, and to comment in this section using this space below.